Home Heating and Cooling Upgrades Program

Section 4: Finding an Approved Supplier and an approved product

To access the rebate, customers will have to engage an Approved Supplier from the Approved Suppliers list, and choose a product from the approved products list.

To access the rebate, customers will have to engage an Approved Supplier from the Approved Suppliers list, and choose a product from the Approved Products List.  

Approved products list 

To ensure a range of high efficiency products are installed in Victorian households through the program, eligible reverse-cycle air conditioners are in the approved product list. All eligible products under the Home Heating and Cooling Upgrade Program must be rated at or above the equivalent of 4 Stars for efficiency under the Zoned Energy Rating Label. You will have to choose a product from this list to receive the Home Heating and Cooling Upgrade rebate. While the list will be updated throughout the duration of the program as more models qualify, the product must be on the list at the time of your purchase to be eligible for the rebate.

    • Ensure the safety of households and installers by excluding unsafe or substandard products. 
    • Ensure the quality of products installed and minimise waste associated with poor quality or poor performing products 
    • Ensure that energy savings and thermal comfort are maximised. 
    • Ensure the program is ‘future-proofed’ by supporting demand response-enabled products.​ 

Visit the approved product list page.

Product energy ratings 

The Zoned Energy Rating Label helps customers compare the energy efficiency of different models. The models are rated for energy efficiency in different climate zones in Australia and compare both heating and cooling efficiency in reverse-cycle air conditioners. 

These labels are specific to air conditioners, but as with other energy rating labels on other appliances, the more stars, the more efficient the system.  

Read more about how the label can help you choose the right cooling system.  

Approved Supplier list

Suppliers who are on the Approved Supplier list have met strict safety and capability criteria, so that you can be confident of a safe and quality experience, from quoting through to installation. Being on the Approved Supplier list is the only way that suppliers can participate in this rebate program.  

For safety reasons, a reverse-cycle air conditioner must be installed by a licensed tradesperson arranged through the Approved Supplier, not by an unqualified homeowner. You can learn more about these requirements at the Energy Safe Victoria website, but in summary, any Plumber engaged to install or replace air conditioners must have the following: 

  • A license and registration from the Victorian Building Authority
  • A refrigerant handling licence issued by the Australian Refrigeration Council 
  • An electrician’s licence (A grade) or alternately they must engage a Registered Electrical Contractor (REC) licensed by Energy Safe Victoria. 

As mentioned on the Energy Safe Victoria website, after an air conditioner installation, householders must get an ESV Certificate of Electrical Safety and a VBA Plumbing Compliance Certificate once the installation is complete. 

Only properly trained, licenced and insured Installers can provide you with these mandatory certificates that ensure your warranty for the appliance and the installation is guaranteed. 

Some Suppliers may be licenced Plumbers who subcontract an REC to assist with the installation, and some may be licenced electricians who subcontract registered Plumbers to assist. 

  • Approved Suppliers under the Home Heating and Cooling Upgrades Program must meet the following criteria: 

    • Occupational health and safety, including a good safety record and compliance of all occupational health and safety laws. 
    • Customer service, meeting professional standards and a high level of customer satisfaction, including complaint handling and resolution. 
    • Quality of work to meet industry standards and providing appropriate product and service warranties. 
    • Insurance requirements, including ample public liability insurance.
    • Provision of full service and accountability for retail and installation of the system. 

Reviewed 30 July 2021