Home Heating and Cooling Upgrades Program

Upgrades for community housing

A woman and her child look out the window on a grey day.
A woman and her child look out the window on a grey day.

Eligible not-for-profit community housing providers can apply for rebates to update heating systems on behalf of their renters.

Solar Victoria is supporting eligible community housing organisations to improve the comfort of their tenants by offering rebates to replace existing heating systems with energy efficient electric reverse cycle split systems on their properties. 

This is a great opportunity for housing providers to improve thermal comfort and associated health benefits for low income and vulnerable Victorians.  

The rebate amount for a reverse cycle split system under the Home Heating and Cooling Upgrades Program will be $1,000 per tenancy. 


To be eligible to receive the rebate, your organisation must meet the following requirements:  

Eligibility criteria Example of requirement
Be a community housing organisation that is  not-for-profit  and provides affordable rental housing to low income households 

Victorian Housing Register status   


Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission registration 


confirmation of affordable rental housing for low income Victorians within the application form

Own or manage the property where the installation will take place

A letter confirming property ownership from the organisation's CEO


A copy of a valid lease with the landowner AND a letter of support from the landowner. 

Upgrade of existing or no heating systems  The reverse cycle split system installation must replace existing gas, fixed electric or wood heating with eligible products 
Installation of eligible energy efficient products that have lower greenhouse impacts  Products must meet energy efficiency and greenhouse specifications such as a four star energy rating and a Global Warming Potential of less than 700 GWP. A list of eligible products can be found at Approved products.
Use of an eligible installer  Applicants must engage with an  installer that abides with the Supply and Installation Works criteria  

To find out more about the program including more details on approved products and general terms and conditions please email CHO@team.solar.vic.gov.au

About the rebate

  • Rebates will be provided through Solar Victoria to help eligible social housing providers install efficient reverse cycle air conditioners, replacing existing heaters or no heating. 
  • The Home Heating and Cooling Program is designed to support low income and vulnerable Victorians to increase their thermal comfort and quality of life.  
  • Solar Victoria will fund a base rebate of $1,000 towards the cost of purchasing and installing a high-efficiency heating and cooling system with a limit of one rebate per household.  
  • Applicants’ can receive an additional $200 if they need to cap an old gas heater and $500 to upgrade their switchboard.  
  • On approval, a funding agreement is established between the community housing provider and Solar Victoria (DELWP) to administer the heating and cooling upgrade rebate. 
  • The program offering will be available to 2024. 

How to apply

  • Step 1. Check your organisation is eligible get in contact with the Solar Victoria team at CHO@team.solar.vic.gov.au to receive an application form and Application Guidelines for Community Housing Organisations.   
  • Step 2. Fill out the forms and send back to the Solar Victoria team at CHO@team.solar.vic.gov.au.  

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Reviewed 06 May 2021