Home Heating and Cooling Upgrades Program

Program orientation for suppliers, contractors and installers

Helping you understand obligations to your customers, to Solar Victoria as program administrator, and to meeting your OHS requirements.

Who is this orientation for?

We encouraged new and existing suppliers, installers, contractors and other workers to get to know the Home Heating and Cooling Upgrades Program by first completing a series of quick online orientation modules.

They could be used as a refresher or for onboarding new employees and sub-contractors, helping them better understand what's involved in working with the program.

Approved suppliers should encourage all contractors and sub-contractors to complete the program orientation.

As well as covering important obligations required of the program, you will also find useful and potentially life-saving information on important risks that must be managed, such as asbestos, carbon monoxide and refrigerant gas.

How to get started

To get started, follow these simple steps:

  1. Download the app and sign up. Download the QIN CodeSafe app from the Apple app storeExternal Link or Google Play app storeExternal Link , then sign up. If you are already a QIN user, just log in.
  2. Scan the code. Click the camera icon in the top right of the QIN CodeSafe app, scan this QR code below or use this linkExternal Link .

You can also download instructions on how to set up the QIN CodeSafe app here:

What is covered in the orientation?

Program orientation modules on the QIN CodeSafe app include:

  • This module introduces the objectives of the Home Heating and Cooling Upgrades Program, expectations of participation in the program, reporting requirements, record keeping and governance of the program.

    Video duration: 5 minutes 43 seconds.

  • This module is a refresher for suppliers on recommending appropriately sized systems and engaging with the customer about its effective use, helping them to maximise the benefit of the product and balance the cost of use.

    Video duration: 4 minutes 50 seconds.

  • This module covers building rapport, entering people’s homes, working with culturally and linguistically diverse communities, customers experiencing vulnerability and diverse needs, and people with a disability.

    Video duration: 4 minutes 2 seconds.

  • This module takes you through some of the common installation defects that can lead to extensive damage to property, add preventable costs and stress.

    Video duration: 3 minutes and 55 seconds.

  • This module covers the responsibilities of supervising an apprentice or sub-contractor. Find out about how supervisors must be competent and adequately qualified in the role of supervisor and hold an appropriate licence. A supervisor must also be aware of their legal responsibilities.

    Video duration: 6 minutes and 21 seconds.

  • This module is an important reminder of the health effects caused by exposure to asbestos. It helps to identify materials likely to contain asbestos, then explains the safety requirements if the presence of asbestos is suspected.

    Video duration: 5 minutes and 20 seconds.

  • This module is an important reminder of the need to manage the risk of harm from fluorocarbon refrigerant gas leaking or being emitted into the atmosphere. This can be extremely harmful to the environment. Other dangerous gases like carbon monoxide may also need to be managed.

    Video duration: 5 minutes and 17 seconds.

This orientation has been funded by Solar Victoria and developed by CodeSafeExternal Link in consultation with:


If you encounter any issues or difficulties using the QIN CodeSafe app, please contact the QIN support team for troubleshooting on 1300 475 557.

About our commitment

This free orientation program is offered as part of Solar Victoria's $11million investment to deliver a comprehensive training and workforce development package. Our aim is for the residential solar and the heating, ventilation and air-conditioning industry to have the skills and capabilities to deliver our programs and to support growth.

Boosting training and workforce development will ensure Victoria has an ongoing supply of skilled workers to support growth in the renewable and clean energy sector.

Any questions?

For general enquiries about Solar Victoria’s training and workforce development package, please email industrytraining@team.solar.vic.gov.au or call our Customer Service team during business hours on 1300 376 393.

For information about the training initiatives available to industry participants in our Solar Homes and Solar for Business programs, see Training and workforce development.

Reviewed 01 May 2023

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